Thursday, March 31, 2005

and outside, it starts raining...

We've had snow (and snow, and snow...) and sun (finally).

I miss the rain.

Cool October breezes through the window as I rolled out of bed for school. The wind catches me with flecks of water hinting at the downpour as I walk quickly to the car. Anticipation. Running through the woods and the burst spills down, everywhere, sleeves and legs and sneakers and branches and leaves and dirt are drenched and we laugh and beat the wind. [Breathless.]

Summer night, the lights are down and water pounds the roof. Steady steady drum, and I don't feel alone...

Rain is not the same here. It doesn't echo as loudly. It chills as you bow your head and struggle up the hill to class. The cold wind and cloudy sky remind me of the day that changed everything.

Back home, in the past, it rained on days without ruining them.

I'm too wistful right now to sum up this feeling properly. I miss the rain, but even it may not be able to comfort the way it once did.