Wednesday, July 27, 2005

back in severely humid New York

[I must say that there's something to be said for the dry heat of the southwest.]

random anecdotes and notes of Arizona/New Mexico:
-the Painted Desert is amazing
-so is sopaipilla
-and the Indian pueblos/dwellings
-Indian dancing = hardcore and not as easy as it may look
-I climbed up 140 feet, of ladders and stairs, to one of the dwellings. I can say now that heights make me nervous but I no longer fear them.
-weddings at the hotel...yes, I know I should have walked up to that cute solitary guy and offered myself as a date
-"You must always travel with a prom dress!" adds Jill
-Dairy Queen blizzards :-)
-random guy in the elevator referring to me as a "beautiful girl," even though I had just returned from working out. I'm pretty sure he was sober, too.
-driving a Trail Blazer...this is a big deal when only cars are driven at your house
-getting lost, always when in need of peeing and/or eating
-feeling weird from the elevation
-beautiful scenery everywhere
-"Safety is just mind over hazard" -- Los Alamos
-hearing something that sounds like thunder
Park Ranger: "That's probably not thunder. They're probably just exploding things in Los Alamos."
-Later, on the news, finding out that apparently Los Alamos disposes of the superfluous by blowing it up
-Staying in Albuquerque, then leaving and finding out about shootings, stabbings, and a kidnapping that had happened there
-Also on the news: "A boy is recovering from the Plague, the first outbreak in two..."
::thinks to self:: "...centuries."
The News: "...years."

Ahh...good times.