About Word is Bond

"Your word is your bond," one of my coaches used to tell us. "That's the one thing you shouldn't break."

I started this blog as a frightened college freshman back in '04. Those entries included many allusions to failed relationships, incorporating appropriate colors and song lyrics.

Slipped between the sad tales were entries about gymnastics and living with three roommates in one small room in a place where the sky stays gray from January to March.

Sometimes, I made pretty designs with punctuation.


Nowadays, the blog's preoccupations include:

  • The glorious entropy that we call "life";
  • Writing and literature, both the doing and teaching of it;
  • Gymnastics, the doing, teaching, and observing of it;
  • EspaƱol;
  • Perpetual anxiety about "the future" and "real career paths";
  • More successful relationships.
Yay for progress!

My short stories, nonfiction, and poetry have been published by small presses. I finished my MFA in Creative Writing this May and now debate going on to a Ph.D. I do freelance writing and editing. And I use the word "sass" several times a week.

(For now!)