Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I'm going to call it 'the holy handstand' from now on."

Today has provided a number of revelations.

The first, which is unrelated to the others: Can we ban status updates? Please?

I have suddenly, but strongly, become exhausted by the excessive narcissism that is Facebook. I do not need to know every detail of your screenplay, your evening plans, your love life (though disasters do entice me, I will say), your love/hate family drama, your day every day. I DON'T CARE. Maybe your mom cares. That is very nice. But if you want sympathy, go, I don't know, tweet it somewhere. Text your friends. Be proactive rather than wail via Facebook.


For the first time, I looked around at today's competition and was not impressed. Did not feel either overwhelmed or ashamed. This season, we are either up there or getting there. It needs to be successfully demonstrated before the judges, but this year, unlike last, we've got the goods.


I looked around and did not see many coaches smiling. A girl falls on her front tuck. Her coach throws his head back. Another misses her squat-on. Her coach tells her that she had better not miss that squat-on again. Ever.

Meanwhile, we've got Sarah picking her wedgie as she jumps from low to high bar (during warm-ups, thankfully), Alexa losing her tooth before bars, and each girl doing the most horrendous vault they've ever done in warm-ups.

I know there's money, pride, parental pressure, sweat, tears, endless rolled ankles on the line. But really, sometimes, what else can you do but laugh?


Imagine: Competitive success and enjoying the sport?

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