Friday, November 25, 2011

single-sentence memoir

My father warned me not to drive this road, but on the nights I was late, I took it anyway.


Laurel said...

That is probably the coolest one-sentence memoir I've ever read. Was going to try and post my own one-sentence memoir but I have NO IDEA what that would look like.

Your blog is fantastic.

I don't know if I've ever suggested this song to you - Toma Mi Vida by Juan Luis Guerra and Milly Quezada. Lovely song.

Que tengas un dia fantastico, amiguita.

d.g. said...

Thank you, beauteous lady! As you will see, I've been silent on the song front, so as I catch up, I will certainly listen.

Try a six-word memoir!

Laurel said...

Here's my six word memoir... spanish style. I challenge you to a six word spanish memoir as well (after NaNo)! Correct grammar is only sorta necessary - it's hard with that few words!

No iria (yo) sola, sino una lampara.

Does that work?