Friday, January 27, 2012

the fangirl riseth

Whilst sitting maturely in the office at my computer, looking all important-like, I'm reading this.

Happy Friday!


Flo Davies said...

I realized after I clicked the link you sent me that I already had this bookmarked a few months ago. I never actually perused.

P.S. I'm having blog dilemms. While I love Writing, Transposed and the snarky book review section, I feel as if all but abandoned it (save for one monthly post) because of the sparkly nature of tumblr (I'm a whore for the heart-likes) and my incessant need to constantly bitch about my life right now. Plus, I feel hypocritical for taking the time to write about writing and not actually writing what I need to, haha. How do I find balance, multiple blog guru-Diana?

Long Winded-Flosef from the Block

Anjelica said...

Flo! You can do it! I have 3 blogs (I think...) and I use them all for different things. Sometimes, lots lately, I write about writing because writing won't come to me for the novel, but I blog my way into answers and little rain storms in my novels. You can do it! And tumblr is amazingggggggggg