Sunday, June 30, 2013

This year's achievements (thus far):

-Drinking gallons of tea.
-Surviving a hurricane and a blizzard, both with Internet still in tact.
-Watching the sunrise at Montauk the day after the apocalypse.
-Reading all of the Harry Potter books and seeing most of the movies (because really, what was the point of book two?).
-Watching all of Game of Thrones, though I've yet to see a particular wedding. This is intentional. Oh, my Starks.
-Making new friends, yay!
-Living off of a steady diet of Clif bars, rotisserie chicken, salad, noodles, and iced chai.
-Navigating the subways solo.
-Booking an impromptu plane ticket to New Mexico four days in advance.
-Surviving 13.1 miles and living to tell the tale!
-Obtaining an agent!
-Coaching more state and regional champions, what what.
-Participating in/hosting a pool party.
-Learning how to be an organized, less-hoarding human (still a work in progress).
-Recreationally waking up at hours in the single digits.
-Successfully ordering clothing off of the Internet.
-Getting published on a candy cigarette box.
-Paying my bills like a Lannister.

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