Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"It was an awesome $2.81 meal!"

I'd like to talk food for a hot moment, since Emeline has reminded me of our eating habits when times get tough. I'm talkin' rice for breakfast, giant molasses cookie and small french fry for dinner, cinnamon crunch cereal when ASC decided to serve corndogs over winter session. I have to keep these times in mind when I see my gymnasts make moves like:

-putting down one's donut to rush to the award stand
-eating Oreo's at 9:30 am
-refueling on Cheese Doodles (Cheez?)

After all, one of the best meets I ever had was Level 8 States in Vestal; in fact, I placed on beam! And what was the breakfast of champions that morning? An apple and a Boston creme donut. You never know.


I was about to announce that I'm going to run a ten-mile race in May!...And then I found the link and saw that it's $40 to enter. Uh...yeah.


Man, it feels good to be back in the write-'em-up swing! RA Diana rises again.

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