Thursday, March 25, 2010

The other Cabo

Spring break plans:

-revise thesis
-have the wonderful Dom, Kevin, and anyone else who's willing read it
-revise again
-figure out another way to print all of it
-plan lesson sequence for ESL composition students
-gallivant with my loves
-create some form of a future for the fall
-open gym! (I've been getting requests for my floor routine from the girls...time to step up my game!)


Flo said...

Floseph will read it with glee and quite possibly a Mai Tai. Am I one of your loves?

ApeDude said...

Send it. Or I may be force to read the not-yet-fabulous version you sent me already. That last item on the list made me think that you're going to open up your own gym. Haha. You should. What would you call it? Not Diana's Gym, I hope. Oh, did you know that there is a species of monkey called the Diana Monkey? And it is known for its gymnastic abilities (not really, but all monkeys are pretty agile, haha). How cool is that?