Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carpe Diem, circa December 2007

I just found this list. Please note that it was made during a time of personal despair, as well as a defeatist, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality toward the standard Cortland student. Now I reflect on what I have and haven't accomplished.

Things I Can Only Do At College/Cortland:
(Edit: I'll include Southampton as "College," too.)

-get drunk and walk home (check)
-keep liquor around (yes, and then it skunked when I forgot about it - I'm clearly meant to be a heavy drinker)
-tumble on a sweet floor!!! (CHECK)
-visit Oswego (in October - ballin'!)
-visit Christina (check!)
-CWA/Transition mayhem (Fo' obvi)
-Radio! (Keep it locked)
-seduce a professor…(haha fail)
-play Mario Kart (of course)
-DATE a boy who is actually at school with me…(T-PAIN FTW!)
-go to Price Chopper (had a near-emotional breakdown when I had to throw out the frozen PC stir fry I brought home)
-explore random small towns (check)
-go skiing!/learn to snowboard! (fail, thanks to yet another injury!)
-attend crazy theme parties (indeed)
-attend cheap movies/bowling (yes)
-go streaking (does getting jumped upon by naked Deana count?)
-hook up with people that I don’t have to see ever again (lol)
-go to Cornell (si)
-go to random cultural events (indeed - thanks, Emeline!)
-sleep on a random couch (haven't we all?)
-learn to actually be a good cook (lol, burning a pot with boiling water)
-be independent (yes!)
-NOT have to fear running into certain people (I'm not sure what this was in reference to, but I think I succeeded)
-wake up and not remember what happened the night before (no, but many wonderful morning-afters at Southampton)
-drink more boxed wine (not the same without Jenny)
-become awesome at Spanish (yes! Espero :-)
-partake in linguistic research (check!)
-partake in open mics (yes!)
-experience far too much snow (emphatically yes!)
-read books like the Communist Manifesto and get ENLIGHTENED! (still working on said enlightenment...and reading material)

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Tony said...

I like most of this list.
We can still get you skiing/snowboarding... it'll just have to wait until next winter.