Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What We Talk About When We Talk About Water

Well, this evening was far less romantic than the prior post, and I look forward to never seeing some of these youngins again, but doesn't that go for all things?

Let's talk about:
-Flo Davies' SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the portfo'!
-Liz Wolff appearing out of the blue in my comments!
-The Thesis, Bound and Ready!

This is a nonsense entry, but after floods and elementary nonsense and chicken McNuggets for dinner at 12:30am, I suppose there's no real need for coherence.

I do, however, encourage you to participate in this!

You're a hot mess
and I'm lovin' it
Hell, yes!

1 comment:

Flo said...

I like when I get shout-outs in your blog. Like I'm this tiny dancer virus that's creeped into your synapses. You can't shake me off, babe. I'm giving you a fever.