Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shake It Like an Earthquake

This morning I shut off my alarm, doze again.

I wake later to my room shaking. The trophies rattle in place. The walls and floor vibrate. No car moves in the garage, no low-flying planes.

Earthquake? my mind mumbles. Then: Like Sweet Valley. I called this.

The clock says 10:46.

Later I wonder, Did I dream it? Everything is aligned in my room as it should.

When I check online, local news hasn't jumped on it yet. But New Hampshire has: http://www.wmur.com/r/25959897/detail.html

I am correct.


Flo said...

PFFTT!! Like Sweet Valley! But we still have the Dairy Burger, I think. (Starbucks).

d.g. said...

Starbucks needs a Devin-Todd brawl to be complete in my book.