Wednesday, April 20, 2011

genre studies

Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, I wondered yestereve if I ought to put my energies into one writing genre. Combine the powers of those fiery baskets. Certainly most of my stories come down the pike in one or two directions. Should I follow them and not look back at the stragglers, the little beats of other forms?

Then I thought, Well, what's the fun in that?


Diana and Anonymous Individual on Skype:

Diana: "What are you up to?"

Anonymous Individual: "Reading."

Diana: "Reading what?"

Anonymous Individual: "...Twilight."


Tony said...

I'm honored to assume such an esteemed identity!

d.g. said...

So what are we? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Tony said...

Team Tony. I have big muscles, smile, and sparkle. It's like Miley Cyrus - the best of both worlds! haha

Anjelica said...

Twilight?!?! oh, that's rough! I've often wondered if I should stop genre-jumping, but I attribute it to being young and foolish, so I'm jumping even more now- this excuse won't last forever! :)

d.g. said...

Yesss, bring on the foolhardy genre jumps!

T-dizzle, I overhead the following convo yesterday at the gym:

-"Who's Selena Gomez?"
-"She's like Hannah Montana, but better."

Tony said...

It should have been "She's like Hannah Montana but she doesn't smoke drugs." haha

Francesca said...

lol to all of this - yea i'm lurking ;)