Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finding Focus (?)

So I'm thinking maybe this blog will be more interesting to, I don't know, the world? if I find a particular focus/theme, besides the broad-based "my life."

Except I like this place for note-taking, the jots and glimpses, and fun quotes, and serious quotes, and fun times and real times.

I've been going through random Tumblrs to get a sense of the "Tumblr experience," and the site seems to be home to many a twenty-something doing their thing in life, or trying to do their thing, or figuring out what that thing is. I think all of that applies to me and what goes on in here. It's like an extended personal essay, this blog: I am on a journey, and recording in bursts.

Thoughts, reading friends?


Flo said...

I feel like my blog has TOO much focus. I usually come to it for me and the writing, you know?

I need to not be so tightly wound...


Kevin Bahler said...

Focused writing focuses the mind. The best comic strip writing I did happened when I sat down for 4 hours and wrote 4 comic strip scripts.

Focused writing is more marketable. When I know that you're the woman I come to for my cake recipes, I can tell the world to come to you for cake recipes.

But sometimes the mind needs to unwind. Is this your respite from the world, or is this your communication to it? Do you want to collect your thoughts here, or project some particular message?