Sunday, May 08, 2011

I thought up a novel about a girl,

and I'm glad, not because it's a girl, but because I worry sometimes that the long-form stories will fall out of me and there won't be anything to follow. The fiction, that is. I suspect that there will always be enough real life to write about.

Right now is a weird time. I have expectations, maybe too rigid, about what I should be doing and where, extending to others my age (and influenced by them). I am in neither country nor city, but it would take only a moment to access either. This is a place in some turns enviable and others stifling. It could be better and also worse.

There is the gravitational pull, the constant, and also the individual rotation of the planets. Free will, if you believe in such a thing. Can you reconcile them? How do you find a midway?

You tell me: Is anyone truly happy where she is?


Laurel said...

There is a reason why cliches come about - they have to come from somewhere. Case in point: The grass is always greener on the other side. The cliche does not read: My grass is better than your grass, or I think my lawn is just fine, thank you.

Because no, we are never truly happy where we are. We are not wired to be about the journey, rather the destination. For me, my faith helps me with this dilemma: God will provide what is needed in His time.

So when you ask yourself what you should be expecting, maybe you shouldn't expect anything at all. The song "Live Your Life" comes to mind.

I feel exactly the same way you do, btw. Don't let me fool you :)

d.g. said...


Totally love that you just cited a Rhianna and T.I. song.

Also love the wisdom brought by you and YOUR CAKES (when do I get to do your PR?).

d.g. said...

P.S. I lol'ed at "my grass is better than your grass."