Sunday, June 05, 2011

buenos dias

It's been a jam-packed five days of traveling, humidity, traumatizing childhood amusement park rides, and good people.

Therefore, there are quotes:

Me: "Every time Coach Kim texts me, it shows up as a blank text."
Kyleigh, age 7: "Does he have AT&T? AT&T is the worst."

"Next week at this time, we'll be at the club!" - Rob, 5 pm on a Friday

"It's where I belong." - Matt, discussing the flip phone

Danielle: "Hey, Flo."
Flo: "I'll cut you. What?"

Me: "How's your Tumblr going?"
Flo: "I've already stopped updating."

1 comment:

Flo said...

I have returned to wordpress. It felt like a good move.


P.S. This is the first time I've been non-drunk quote worthy!