Thursday, June 23, 2011

We're too cool to be here long

But not too crazy to get busted.

(Entry started last night and finished today.)

Whilst cranky earlier, I had the sudden urge to download an old song that I loved (and that inspired the domain name of this blog). As expected, it improved my life.

Listen. Love it.


It's easy to romanticize the beauty of the writing process. Honestly, I spend a decent amount of time hedging. I hedge very well. I think about what I should write, and submit, and sort of frolic around until I make it happen.

But tonight was a good night. Took the laptop to Starbucks, sat in the corner, and got going. No putzing about or Googling around after I type a sentence. I just wrote, and it went, and I was satisfied.

On these nights, I believe that I can make it as far as I strive to go.

#174: Laura Marling, "Old Stone"
#175: Laura Marling, "Blackberry Stone"


Francesca said...

Oh a Rob Thomas song :) I was just reading an article on him, so its funny this is the song you posted - except the irony is that this was posted thursday and not saturday.

i love you, and may be in rocky point wednesday with no prior engagements :)

d.g. said...

On my drive today, I totes thought about how I needed to text you and find out when you're free!