Sunday, March 11, 2012

the bailout

This is what we call a life post:

I know how to flip out of the boat. No, no, thanks. Sudden change of plans. Different order of operations than anticipated. So sorry. I roll into the water and swim for the shore.

I can tell when others will do it. I hear the splash before they've made a move for the side. I imagine the hasty excuses.

But lately I want to take that waterlogged vessel out farther. Sit with bare feet as water rises over my ankles, over the bench. Take my chances. 


Flo Davies said...


Laurel said...

I flipped the boat after visiting Boston. Wanted out immediately, took the closest flight and ran home. Don't regret the decision for a second... it was not the right place for me.

In two weeks, I set sail again to New Jersey. Here's to hoping I don't want to flip the boat this time.