Thursday, December 23, 2010

The girl who was on fire

I'm still hard-pressed to find "serious adult literature" that keeps me up until 4 a.m., blazing through two novels in one night, reading the third in gaps of time between cell phone calls and coaching and putting water on the stove.

Life is too short to count down dreary pages, hoping the chapter concludes soon.


Anjelica said...

should i take that to mean that the millennium trilogy isn't worth buying and reading?

d.g. said...

I read Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in one night -- it's a fast read, but afterwards, I felt both underwhelmed and disturbed, and not in the "I want to read the next two books" way. I'd borrow it from a questionable library. :-)

Flo said...

I read the trilogy, and I concur that the book was slow in the beginning, HOWEVER, I read the entire thing in one sitting. And I wanted to read more. I think it's worth an attempt.