Friday, August 05, 2011

silent stories

Ideas for the novel keep rolling. Thoughts on Mexican sequels. Even a poem inspired by reading posts for adjunct instructors.

But when friends ask about my life, I've got nothin'.

This evening, Lauren and I had a laptop party. In the past, we would have stalked boys online. Tonight, we researched carousels and pirate-themed races. The adult things in life. Then we each settled into work mode and got cracking.

And...that was my night.

Some friends still have stories of nightly shenanigans. Others talk about husbands and homes. I'm in a sort of no man's land.

From what I gather, I'm not the only one experiencing this phenomenon. The dry spell. A general lack of life stories worth sharing. But fortunately my imagination's still crackling, and so long as you don't mind that the fictional world is more interesting to me right now, a story should come 'round again one day.


#216: Darius Rucker, "Alright"
#217: Darius Rucker, "It Won't Be Like This For Long"
#218: Regina Spektor, "Us"
#219: Regina Spektor, "On the Radio"

1 comment:

Flo said...

I find my mind drifts during this crunch time. Instead of mythos and warriors I'm thinking about screenplays, poems, and other YA novels.

I'm glad the wheel still turns, but there's too much shit going on in there. Meh.

There will come a day where I regret saying that, haha.