Monday, October 31, 2011

More Lore

Happy Halloween!

After middle school, I was never a tremendous fan of Halloween. I felt silly trick-or-treating and, as high school progressed, found that I'd rather dress as Frodo Baggins than a hooker.

In college, turns out students are nutso about Halloween. Crazier than I ever was as a kid.

I also learned in college that I'm not a huge fan of holidays where I feel socially obligated to do something. I'm not talking about doing good for the sake of the world. I'm talking about big, public plans that will provide fodder for Facebook photos and OMG that night was the best lulz.

In the aftermath, the subtle implication: if you weren't doing it up like us, you clearly weren't having fun. And if you weren't having fun, well, you just don't know how to enjoy life.

But eventually I decided to roll with it.

Turns out I was meant to bond with these girls:

Beth will kill me if she sees this. Hi, Beth!


As the youngins gear up to head out, I wonder which story I'll tell tomorrow.

I have several novel ideas in mind, but I can't stay that one is winning favor over the others.

Last year, I was very clear on the story I wanted to pursue. This year, there are options:

  1. YA novel
  2. Adult novel
  3. YA fantasy novel
  4. Novel in short stories
I've never done the latter two, which intrigues me. However, I feel that the fantasy novel deserves more planning and thinking than I've yet to grant it.

I really liked the "novel in short stories" idea last night and this morning. There would be a common theme and connections from story to story. Except the theme started to depress me, and I haven't even begun writing it yet. Hmm.

Then there's another option:

     5. A collection of creative nonfiction essays, also on a common theme.

Is that considered cheating?

I've actually thought about this collection (there's a list in a notebook somewhere) and felt quite excited about it. However, as with much of my recent writing, I've been poking around rather than digging in.

What sayeth the bloggerverse?


#307: "Tubular Bells," Mike Oldfield

And in honor of the holiday: Rocky Horror Picture Show, "The Time Warp"


Flo said...

Non-fiction essays about tiny gymnasts and being a tiny gymnast.

Tony said...

I vote for the novel in short stories. I love short stories because I can read ONE and take a nap without feeling obligated! Nothing like those chapter-book-thingies kids these days rave about...