Thursday, October 27, 2011

The satisfyingly slow sound

in the quiet night of your just-repaired car exhaling. But this is no normal sigh. This is the continuous whoosh of all the air seeping out, quite literally.

It's too late. But you crouch down anyway, wrap the sweatshirt over your fingers, begin working your way out of this.


#296: Katie Herzig, "Lost and Found"
#297: Katie Herzig, "Wish You Well"
#298: Katie Herzig, "I Will Follow"
#299: The Killers, "Boots"
#300: Yes, "Arriving UFO"
#301: The Killers, "Tranquilize"
#302: The Killers, "Shadowplay"
#303: Sea Wolf, "Winter Windows." I found this song by typing "hipster music" into the search.

Is the year really running out? Already?

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