Monday, October 03, 2011

Return the favor

(That's what she...)

I've become annoyed when folks ask to read my work (namely Mexico, as many friends have been told of it), and then I send it to them, and the rest is silence.

At first, I thought this was because they read it and found it so terrible that they didn't dare mention it again. This is certainly possible. But there's another reality: people just haven't read it.

They're under no obligation to read the work, of course. Or to enjoy it upon reading. But now I will assert myself. If I send it, I will ask, "What part are you up to? What do you think so far?" The litmus test. I'm not going to wait around in silence.

But this means that I have to man up and read what's sent to me by friends. I too have been a slacker on this front. I receive attachments, and then I tend to forget about them.

So here we go. Building up the reader's karma.


Here's a cute chipmunk.

Nom nom nom

Here are less than twenty songs!

#277: Edens Edge, "Amen"
#278: David Guetta with Sia, "Titanium"
#279: Sia, "Soon We'll Be Found"


Anjelica said...

Haha, I JUST this evening sent an email to someone who got a copy of my nov for the summer saying that she's allowed to hate it!

d.g. said...

I've become less concerned with people's reactions and more interested in knowing if they've actually opened the document and read it!

Tony said...

That chipmunk certainly looks enthusiastic to read mexico!

Anjelica said...

I haven't had to deal with someone hating my MS, but since it's been quite a while and radio silence, I wanted to make sure that she knew that she was allowed to not like it, in case that was the cause of radio silence. I mean, depending on from whence it came, I would probs range from pissy to hysterical, but I'll cross that bridge if and when I have to.

Francesca said...

I fall into this category. You've sent it to me over a year ago and I opened it, saved it, and haven't read it yet.
I shall! i'm sorry!

d.g. said...

No worries, love. We're still friends!