Monday, December 28, 2009

2009-like journeys

-Albany with a still-swollen mouth from wisdom teeth removal. No better way to kick off the year!
-Miscellaneous warehouses on Long Island in the name of gymnastics meets.
-Most notably New Image, which involved the GPS, actual directions, and texts from Mark as I went the wrong direction on the LIE. It was an accident, though. Really.
-Manhattan each Saturday.
-Cortland and its magical spring floor. <3
-Greenport gelato, carousel, and missing camera.
-Wading River beach, gnats at sunset.
-Dublin ("Can I get your mobile?")
-cross-country bus
-County Kerry (Tralee and Uncle Jimmy, Killarney for castles)
-LONDON! Bike rides to work, the Globe, Jude Law.
-Owego, Vestal, Candor, jamocha bliss!
-Southampton all day, every day.
-Wainscott, van driver of middle-aged women.
-Stony Brook, one half-asleep day per week.
-Pomona, New Jersey, for an escape.
-Greenport tea! <3
-And on its glorious return: Tidewater (Step Up 4: Wings Bowl Champions).

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