Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roaring Twenties

"My jacket and my shoes match! What other guy does that?" - Peter (many times over)

Hovering over my Cape Cod at the Tide with a bottle of vodka:
Flo: "I'm adding a little fun."

"We think he might be Bret Michaels." - Jenni

"You thought he was Bret Michaels, so you let him write on your boob. He was the 2007 Wings Bowl Champion." - protecting the innocent here! (I was not involved!)

"His picture is right here!" - Jason pointing to the wall

"We have an awesome beer pong mix with Lady Gaga. Like that 'Alejandro' song!" - Fernando, who gets a shout in "that 'Alejandro' song"

"Tony, if you were single, I'd date Diana." - Flo

Jeff: "I'm thinking about us in a threesome."
Diana: "I'm gonna go..."
Jeff: "Wait! I was going to focus on Tony!"

Lauren enters the kitchen eating from a box of Italian-seasoned croutons.
Tony: "Why are you eating those?"
Lauren: "Fernando gave them to me."

Diana: "Where are you?"
Lauren: "In an upstairs room."
Diana enters upstairs room to see that five girls are on a bed eating croutons.
Lauren: "We don't know whose room this is."
Diana looks around and realizes thats she doesn't know, either.

In the midst of a Dustin-Deana-Diana sandwich:
Deana: "I think I've died and gone to heaven!"

"I like your non-denominational holiday hat." - Flo

"I can't believe you talked to him!" - Francesca, laughing for about a half hour afterwards

"I'm a disgrace to the state of Texas." - Flo

"I'm trying to cure her hiccups!" - Sean, wrapped in blue blanket

Diana: "There better not be stains on my bed!"
Lauren: "I'm smarter than that!"


Flo said...

Sweet mother lord, I DO hope to top my quote worthiness for this years' Festivus.

Francesca said...


Good thing no quotes from earlier in the night made it in here...
Well, time to make a fool of myself again! In the name of lovvveee <3 for you.