Thursday, December 31, 2009

There it goes

The finest New Year celebrations have taken place within the last five years or so:

In no rank order:

-Gathering at Joy's house when Joy and Mike had just started dating, 2004: The rest of us spent much of the night freaking out about witnessing their midnight kiss.
-We all survived.
-Gatherings in Kim's apartment, the intermediate years: good people, good food, good times!
-Cuernavaca, 2007: Sitting outdoors at a restaurant (oh, hey, 70 degrees!), sharing tremendous/delicious beverages and life stories, and watching the fireworks burst into the sky from across the street at midnight.
-Wisdom teeth, 2008: A nap and a painkiller took away all my crankiness/bleeding. Snowy roads meant no one could drive. So I watched Pride and Prejudice, turned on the TV for the obligatory ball-dropping, and overall, found it to be a successful holiday.

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