Monday, March 14, 2011

On the 100th day

Last June, I needed motivation to run in the muggy afternoons. So I followed the same process as I did for my thesis: When it's done, mark it down on the calendar. Write how much time. Doesn't matter if it's ten minutes or sixty. Count the days up from one.

Then the harder step: Keep going.

Sometimes a full week went by without a number. Sometimes more. Snowy times were rough. Starting-the-job times were rough, too. And sometimes I just didn't feel like running.

Today, the 100th day of running, I wore shorts and a T-shirt and wondered why everyone at the track wore sweatshirts and pants. When the wind picked up, I understood. But I was already 2:30 in.

I felt light. A unity in dirt and roots and an extra hour of sun and pink iPods. I needed that sun. I needed to find out that this was possible.


#72: Jimmy Eat World, "Coffee and Cigarettes"
#73: Blues Image, "Ride, Captain, Ride"

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