Monday, March 07, 2011

You held your breath/and the door for me

I swung bars tonight for the first time in a while. By "swung," I do mean swings. A few clear hips.

I never loved bars, but I felt strong this evening. The old rhythm of that initial glide to start the routine. The attack. The declaration: Here I am.


I'd like to take this opportunity to throw back to a couple of old songs. Two that I really enjoyed back when they frequented the airwaves and forgot about until this evening, when two separate stations played them back-to-back.

Though I was never a full-out Alanis fan, I particularly admired "Hands Clean" on this listen. It's intimate. Playful and bittersweet. There's a sincerity: you know this is real. As is "Head Over Feet."

Thanks for you patience.


As recommended by the Bahlin' one,
#67: John Garrison, "Never Far From Me"

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Flo said...

"Head Over Feet" is one of my faves. Nice lyrical simplicity, good melody, no angry Dave Coulier-related hatred.