Thursday, March 12, 2009

at the end of a Wednesday

I'm back to making deals with my body. If you can just hold out for four more weeks...last year when I fell off beam as my knee ached. And now as I start to run and the patellar pulls taut. No. And the hamstring screeches. Not now.

Oh, but it's quite all right. I'll get around you all.

But I have missed pain. Missed stretching and wincing in still-dreaming mornings. Missed fear, missed hands burning, wiping feet before sprinting, bumping off beam and mats then laughing. Missed bouncing and landing.

I don't have a teammate but I'm not alone. We smile at each other. "Through the Fire and Flames" comes on and my layouts miraculously gain power. Those splits and leaps, they've never gone away. Matt bounces on trampoline and keeps an eye on me. Here and there. Okay, she's still in tact.

It's quite right.

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