Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Write them in a letter that says "reborn"

4:47 am: Well, I'm not asleep, but it might be time to lay down.

5:30 am: I want to sing country songs, the ones I play loudly when I drive by myself.

7:00 am: My mind gives up. Dreams glide in.

7:45 am: My mind wakes up. So does the rest of me.

9:00 am: Nothing cries "NATURE" and "SUSTAINABILITY" on a deep blue sky morning like the chorus of crickets in Amagansett.

12:36 pm: After returning from Macarthur and eating a fruit cup without utensil, there is no other reason to remain conscious.

1:23 pm: She resurfaces.

2:00pm -- 1:00am: driving, eating, coaching, laughing, writing writing ranting shouting writing, driving, drinking, laughing.

1:28 am: I want this all again.

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