Tuesday, March 31, 2009

then you shoulda put a ring on it

-four hours from Mineola to Cortland, somehow passing out to the sing-a-long but waking up when so many sopranos collided
-leaping on Emeline
-okay, I'll do a beam routine. And make it. Okay, I'll vault. And make it. And of course I'll do a floor routine. And love it.
-I'll always love it.
-Very literally, very loudly screaming when I turned and saw Angela.
-sweet potato fries
-coffee talk with Angie Baby, with discourse running from semi-celebrities to the epic b.d.! How ever will it all shake down?
-frolicking to our old haunts
-chocolate chip pancakes by Beth
-sharing a bed with Beth
-being a non-real person with Beth
-phone calls from awesome Southampton people to inform me about Battle of the Buildings and inquire about the meet. That's always appreciated :-)
-getting off to a very, very slow start
-having the most epic dance party imaginable on the GW, seeing Steph's old coaches, and scaring a carful of guys away with "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!"
-followed by changing at Hicksville and returning home to see that Mindy had, of course, already uploaded the pictures to Facebook.

I think I made the right choice this weekend!

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