Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I-81 N/S

Left or right?

Pinky Stone--who knew? Carousel Mall winter session freshmen year where we bought skirts and Cold Stone and forgot for a bit that we were broken. ECAC's. Salsa. Utica. Potsdam. Albany. Rochester, Brockport, Buffalo. Constellation Drive. 3:45am to Cuernavaca. How long is Pennsylvania in our quest for North Carolina? My friend goes to Roanoke! Snow, rain, sleet, sun. Always picking up on that first curve as the road rose around the hill, feeling the rush of tractor trailers swinging past, feeling the engine buckle then fire. Leaving, going. Home, always home. Raquette Lake with secrets spilled on that curve. Crying as I drove back from the airport after October Break because nowhere was safe. Walking to Pleasant in the dark and watching the lights, wanting to run north over the hills. Run south down the hills. Leaving junior year convinced that I'd missed something, that I should have stayed. Should I have stayed? I could never stay. I belonged to the road more than anywhere.

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