Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last night I went to see Next to Normal on Broadway, knowing only that it was a rock musical about mental illness. A strange combination, it seemed.

Well, it blew my mind.

I'm not the type to cry during books or movies, and it was pretty tough not to at this show. People around me were wiping their eyes. Talk about quaking the human heart.

Tonight's the last performance before it closes, but I've half a mind to see it on tour when it swings nearby in the spring/summer.

And so:

Fifteen: Next to Normal, "I Am the One." (Original Broadway cast -- not the same folks we saw last night, who were just as excellent.)

Less heavy highlights of the evening included Lena driving in reverse onto a sidewalk, CHIPOTLE, and me dashing from her car whilst at a red light, buying a soft pretzel, and jumping back in before the light turned. You know how I feel about soft pretzels.

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Emeline said...

OMG reminds me of a night a few years back when Brit was driving my car in reverse down Corn street :) and I am quite certain you were a back seat passenger who persuaded us to steal the lemon bars from the Hotel. I'm glad nothing has changed!