Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not so inevitable

(I can see that as a line from a tween song, if it's not already.)

I finished the short story and debated one line in particular, a line the woman says, thinking it was too obvious. It would induce an eye-rolling "Of course she'd say that."

But I left it in and sent it 'round. The Flo and the Laurel both mentioned the same line. "That was chilling," Laurel said. "Whoa," said Flo.

The line stays. Perhaps not so inevitable after all.


For the 18th day:
Cake: "The Distance."


Tony said...

Absolutely excellent!

Flo said...

I'm officially changing my name to The Flo.

Also, I'm thinking about doing a meme thing (like your tuneage) to keep me posting every day. Suggestions?

d.g. said...

I support memes and name changes.

You could:
-write a haiku a day
-take a photo a day (I considered this strongly)
-find deep quotes from deep people
-post a "word of the day"
-post the most ridiculous status updates from FB
-post one new line from your screenplay

So many options!

Laurel said...

That's good stuff. But Flo, I probably will not change my name to "The Laurel" but I think it'd be cool if you changed yours haha.

The meme thing is interesting. Always a wellspring of ideas, my dear.

Tony said...

Deep quotes from deep people... Flo you can always just have recorded conversations with me. I'm pretty deep =p haha

I'm in favor of pictures and words personally.