Monday, January 10, 2011

There will always be women in rubber!

You wear three shirts and the wind presses them against you the closer you come to the marsh reeds. Hood's tied at your neck but your forehead is bare against the cold.

You strategize. Staying in the sun means blinding light off the snow, more wind. Hills in shadows means you'll work up a sweat. So you turn for the darker places, make yourself warm, save those eyes.


I like entering the highway here. Nearly the end. Nothing but stars and headlights. I begin.


Lena: "Do you ever worry that while you're driving, one of your tires will fall off?"

By now, I'd bet that 90% of people have given up their New Year's resolutions. I go forth!

Day 9 (1/9): Bad Company, "Shooting Star"
Day 10 (1/10): Bebo Norman, "Nothing Without You"


Flo said...

I'm still holding strong, boo! Can I be one of your women in rubber?

d.g. said...

You will always be my woman in rubber!