Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Porthole of One's Own

The Perks of Having An Office, Despite the Windows That Are Too High For Anyone to Gaze Out Of:
  • Leftover Sierra Mist and half a bottle of water. The previous occupants don't want you to dehydrate.
  • Leftover printer, which could prove useful.
  • Super crisp and profesh legal-ish pad.
  • Really nice pen.
  • Phone extension. Call the work line, baby.
  • Aforementioned porthole.
  • Doors that lock behind you.
  • Spinny Chair. Did I even need to list the above items? I think not. In the world of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spinny Chair wins. Always.

"I usually get protein by having a raw egg. Or an egg with beer. Or none at all." - Victor

#48: Blondie, "Maria"
#49: The Killers, "Why Do I Keep Counting?"


Tony said...

At least you have a porthole in case the world floods... you'll know.

Flo said...

I want a job someday where I have my own window...