Sunday, February 13, 2011

There is Superstition

If there's but one way blazed to success, you'd best believe I'll try to follow it again and again.

When I competed in gymnastics, there were rituals. Touch all my trophies, medals, ribbons on the way out the door. Say we went to this competition the year before and I did well. The next year, I copied my preparation. Same sandwich for lunch at the same place. Same hairstyle. Same clothes packed in the overnight bag. Same songs cued up on the Walkman and later the Discman.

Everything arranged just so, and then set into motion.

A few weeks ago, the Level 4's competed on Saturday and were rock stars. Could such a performance be repeated by our girls the next day?

So on Saturday night, just as on Friday, I cued up an episode of Glee online. Stayed up way too late and woke up as the sun was breaking. Listened to the same music on the drive. Arrived too early (not a usual problem of mine).

And it worked.

You'll see me again, old road.

1 comment:

Flo said...

Do it, son! Let me know if you need some accompaniment on some of the rituals. I want to see the magic happen in real time.